Have you ever had a friend stare at you, mouth agape and say you’ve never seen/done [insert movie, TV show, game, etc. here]?!” At some point in our lives, we’ve all been on the receiving of the incredulous shock and horror when a superfan realizes that you’re not a member of the club. In many experiences the conversation usually goes something like this:

Person A: I think my favorite Doctor has to be Matt Smith. Who is your favorite?

Person B: I’ve actually never watched Doctor Who.

Person A: YOU’VE NEVER WATCHED DOCTOR WHO???!!! Of all the people on the planet, I would have thought that you would have seen Doctor Who. I can’t believe you haven’t ever watched the show! It’s the greatest thing ever. You’re so missing out.

Person B: I just haven’t had time to sit and watch it yet.

Person A: I just can’t believe you’ve never seen it.

This very thing happened to Cassandra at Phoenix comcion in 2012 when  Alice, Megan, and Sara did a classic Person A response to finding out she had never seen Star Wars. Instead of ending the conversation there and with a little bit of inspiration from an XKCD comic strip, Alice, Megan, Cassie and Sara decided that rather than stare in shock and horror at their friends, mouths agape they would actually do something about it.

On each episode of Educating [Geeks], one of our hosts or a special guest will be on the program to receive “Education” on some aspect of geek culture they’ve never had a chance to experience. Will it become our hosts new favorite things?  (Or… Will they go all Otaku?) Or will it just not be their cup of Earl Gray (hot) tea?



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