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Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game – Doctor Who Christmas Specials




If you’re celebrating the holidays with The Doctor, give our drinking game rules a try! And if you haven’t heard our Doctor Who Christmas Special Special make sure you give it a listen!


  • Take a drink any time there is snow that is not actually snow
  • Take a shot any time the Doctor’s mood changes on a dime
  • Take a drink whenever the Doctor says Allons-y or Geronimo
  • If the Doctor says Allons-y you must say “Allons-y Alonso!” before taking your shot
  • Take a drink any time the Doctor breaks one of his own rules
  • If the Doctor is running, you must be drinking
  • Take a drink any time there’s an interracial couple
  • Take a drink any time the Doctor talks about having or not having a drink
  • Take a shot any time two characters kiss
  • Finish your drink if two characters hug
  • Take a drink any time someone is talking so fast you have no idea what they’re saying (but you know all of the characters are gonna roll with it anyway)
  • Take a drink any time Eleven summarizes an absurd situation and ends with “pay attention”
  • Before watching Voyage of the Dammed have everyone in your group attempt to say Bannakaffalatta. Anyone who gets it wrong has to take a shot.
  • Take a drink any time the Doctor tires to get the bad guy to stop being a bad guy
  • Take a drink whenever Donna sasses sassily
  • Take a drink any time someone says “Dcotor? Doctor Who?”
  • Take a drink when Clara says “it’s smaller on the outside”
  • Take a drink of water whenever you see a TARDIS (for hydration purposes, you see)
  • Take a shot if you’re crying
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Educating [Geeks] 19 – Doctor Who Christmas Special Special


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This week on Educating [Geeks] Cassie gets an introduction to Doctor Who by watching all of the Christmas Specials. The geekhosts discuss their favorite Doctor, favorite companion, favorite villain and more. And don’t forget to stick around for the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game Rules at the end of the episode.

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Upcoming Episodes!

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Big Trouble in Little China


Special guest host Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios joins the geekhosts to discuss the 1986 film.

Episode Released – Nov. 15

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Geekhosts Alice, Bri and Megan discuss the 2003 comic series written by Neil Gaiman.

Episode Released – Dec. 6

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Doctor Who Christmas Special Special

DOctor Who Christmas Special 2012

The geekhosts pick their favorite Doctor Who Christmas Specials in this extra special holiday episode.

Episode Released – Dec. 20

Drinking Game Rules Posted – Dec. 27

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