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Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game – Big Trouble in Little China

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Happy Friday geeks! We’ve got a Big Trouble in Little China Drinking Game hot off the presses. So gather around your favorite people, pour yourself a drink and tune in to the Porkchop Express. And if you haven’t heard our Big Trouble in Little China episode, give it a listen.

Big Trouble in Little China Drinking Game Rules:

  • Take a drink anytime someone mentions a Chinese Hell
  • Take a drink if Lo Pan twitches his nose or wiggles his little fingers
  • Take a drink whenever “green eyes” are mentioned
  • Take a drink if Jack tries to pull off something heroic and fails miserably
  • Take a drink whenever Rain, Thunder or Lightening show up
  • Take a drink whenever someone says “Jack”
  • Take a shot whenever someone says “Jack Burton”
  • Take a shot if one of the three storms use their powers
  • Take a shot if you’re watching with friends and someone says “What the F***”
  • If you are the one who said “WTF” take a 2nd shot
  • Finish a sake bomb (or bombed drink of your choice) if Gracie and Jack kiss
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Educating [Geeks] 17 – Big Trouble in Little China


This week on Educating [Geeks] geekhosts Alice, Cassie and Megan are joined by Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios and Voyage Trekkers for a discussion about the 1986 John Carpenter film Big Trouble in Little China. Stick around at the end of the episode for a list of drinking game rules!

And if you’re so inclined, be sure to check out Nathan’s blog post about the film.

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Big Trouble in Little China


Special guest host Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios joins the geekhosts to discuss the 1986 film.

Episode Released – Nov. 15

Drinking Game Rules posted – Nov. 22

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Episode Released – Dec. 6

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Doctor Who Christmas Special Special

DOctor Who Christmas Special 2012

The geekhosts pick their favorite Doctor Who Christmas Specials in this extra special holiday episode.

Episode Released – Dec. 20

Drinking Game Rules Posted – Dec. 27

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